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Another Small Tale of Moving Imagery (part two in a potentially ongoing series)

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It is always a challenge to try to make a video that reflects and expresses the idea behind a piece of music, especially when you write instrumental tracks with no lyrics and are working with little to no budget! I have to admit that the video part of being an independent musician in today’s world is something I am still trying to navigate and learn how to do.

Back in February, I had the opportunity to contribute the title track from Manvantara in the form of a video for an online yoga festival called Yogafrost, sponsored by Song of the Morning yoga retreat in Vanderbilt, Michigan. I had been wanting to put a video together for the track for awhile, and Yogafrost gave me the push I needed to see it through. A big idea in my head translated into a myriad of images that somehow made sense to put together. Although it is not the completely epic production I would have loved to make, I think the message still comes across relatively well. One more step in a never-ending learning process!

I am finally getting around to sharing it here on Blisswave’s website. Enjoy!

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