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Blisswave Announces Debut Album Release

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Blisswave’s first album, Journey Through Laniakea, is finally here! It is available to stream and download on our music page and is also available on i-tunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all other major music outlets, including CD Baby, who, for a limited time from September 11th to September 15th, will donate a portion of all download sales to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The creation of the album has been a very long journey for me, filled with many twists, turns, and challenges, but I am incredibly grateful and happy that it has finally brought me to this moment. The journey has just begun! (there will be more about the whole process in an upcoming newsletter, which you can subscribe to on our contact page.)

A note on the album title: Laniakea is the name that was chosen by astrophysicists for the supercluster that contains our galaxy, the Milky Way, and thousands of other galaxies in our neighborhood in outer space. Laniakea is a Hawaiian word that means “immense heaven” (lani=heaven; akea=immeasureable)

Check out the full story on CD Baby’s donations to Hurricane Harvey here.

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