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Moving Forward

It has been a while – actually a whole year! – since I have posted or written anything about Blisswave. I hope this crazy year like no other finds all of you healthy and well. At least there is finally some real light at the end of the dark tunnel we have all found ourselves in during this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, and some real hope that we will see the end of it soon!

Like many of you, I spent even more time than usual outdoors in 2020. In fact, I was lucky enough to able to continue to host the local drum circle that I started in 2019, and a small group of us in my area spent the summer drumming together at a local park and gathering in community – with social distancing, of course, and with some members wearing masks even outside. Being able to meet and gather together to drum and play music during the pandemic really made a huge difference to all of us, and made a difficult year not only more bearable, but even joyful! Something to be grateful for…

In other news, I am happy to say that there is a new Blisswave music project underway that I hope to release sometime this year. I have been getting inspired by a lot of my favorite sci-fi shows and movies. Bladerunner, The Matrix, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, stuff like that. Things could get interesting! Stay tuned for more details as the project progresses!

Be well, everyone!

Peace, Love, and Bliss


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